About Me

Hi there, I'm Kristen, the face behind Evergreen Studios Jewelry. C.S. Lewis said “You are never too old to set another goal or dream a new dream.” So here I am, a forty-something mom, allowing a dream I’ve had to become a reality. My hands design, make, photograph and ship all the items in my store, and it brings me great joy to share these products with others.

I am so grateful for my family; my 3 kids, who remind me of what is important in life, and who freely give their love (and opinions) to me everyday, my husband, who supports me in my adventures in creating, and my dog Henry, who drives me crazy and yet makes me love him all at the same time. And ultimately I am so thankful to Jesus, who loves me and all my shortcomings, and offers me something I cannot obtain and do not deserve. 

When you purchase items from my shop you are not only getting beautiful, one of a kind jewelry and accessories, but you are helping women around the world, to dream their own dreams of rising above poverty. 10% of my sales go to Christian, non-profit organizations, that provide fair-trade product development for women in poverty. Learning a trade provides these women with hope and empowers them to provide for their families.

It has been wonderful, scary, exciting, and exhausting, starting this small business.  I am honored to share my jewelry with you and inspired to continue to create new lovely things.